Homecoming, Prom, Valentines Day, also a variety of school events. We provide a fun professional dj, age appropriate popular music, engaging games and entertainment. Party lights are also included.

I have the knowledge and experience to make your event most enjoyable. I am a Club dj in Northern Colorado and performed at hundreds of school events. As a versatile DJ, I select the right music, make announcements, and coordinate events catering to various audiences. As your MC, I am accustomed to motivating the crowd to dance and leading line dances if requested.

    Realize the DJ can make or break the event. The dj actually takes on the role of the event coordinator. Making announcements and playing specific songs must be well-timed to keep your events running smoothly. I must be aware of my surroundings at all times. For example, before I make an announcement for an event, I must make sure the photographer is prepared for pictures or that the students are in their places.

A Review from Carrie

Chris Haug, The Music Man was so easy to work with and able to share/brainstorm ideas with us. Well worth the money you invest in him, as he will invest his time into your wedding. He's a great choice and you will be able to have him be part of your special day!!.



 Not unlike the teens who attend it, the Prom has been through many phases. From big petticoats to big hair, tulle to taffeta, to the vast collection of styles for 2018 Prom dresses. For some, it’s lavish and limo, to others, prom gowns are vintage chic. But considering that prom history would span across at least two centuries before becoming the 2018 prom dresses of today, one thing is for sure: Prom. It’s kind of a big deal. How’s that for a bumper sticker on the limo of your big night? 

A Review from Jaye

Chris Haug our favorite DJ AKA The Music Man! A very familiar face in Northern Colorado! Does so much for our community and local schools! A great guy! If you ever need a DJ Call him! He's fun and offers music in every genre!